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Becoming a backyard chicken farmer has never been this simple, stylish, and fun! The Egg Cart’n Chalet is a designer chicken coop you’ll love owning and using. Not only will you and your chickens enjoy abundant health benefits from our chicken tractor, but you’ll do so in style!




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Give Wing to Your Chicken Dreams

With the busyness of life, it is hard to find space to make a difference for your health, let alone the health of your pets and lawn. The Chalet makes living a healthy lifestyle attainable with minimal work and effort. Change is possible. You can thrive amid a busy work schedule. Already tasting the happiness of eating your own eggs and tending your own birds? It only gets more tantalizing from here.

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Backyard Chickens. In Style.

Your chickens’ enclosure shouldn’t look out of place in your neighborhood. With Chicken ownership on the rise, chickens have become a source of contention and discussion in council meetings and homeowners’ associations. Whether you are looking for a coop that fits into the neighborhood or want to add a touch of style to your homestead, the classy look of the Egg Cart’n Chalet makes for a coop that you, your neighbors, and your HOA can love. This movable backyard coop isn’t just a joy to use. It’s also a joy to look at with its chic gingerbread house style.

Healthy Chickens. Lush Lawns.

Your chickens deserve to be clean and happy. Our Egg Cart’n Chalet has your chickens in mind. You can raise happy, healthy chickens who fit right into the neighborhood. Your chickens can experience the health benefits of moving from place to place to receive fresh foliage while also fertilizing the lawn. The Daily move of the chicken tractor creates healthy chickens and a vibrant backyard.

Happy Chickens. Happy You.

Caring for chickens can be fun and rewarding. However, for many people backyard chickens bring to mind unsightly coops and unpleasant odors. There are ways to care for your chickens without the mess and fuss. The portable Egg Cart’n Chalet addresses this problem. Moving the chickens’ home daily cuts down on smell and creates healthier chickens and lawns. Your neighbors and family members will love this addition to your backyard.

This designer chicken tractor could be in your backyard

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Meticulously Designed For Success

Awesome, but how does all of this work? The Egg Cart’n Chalet is designed to bring health, happiness, and satisfaction to you, your hens, and your lawn. Intense planning and thought have gone into engineering the Egg Cart’n Chalet allowing you to experience the benefits of the Chalet without added stress and mess. Keep reading to find out how this is possible.

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Chicken Safety

Chickens love to roam about and dig and scratch. As an owner, you would love to allow them to do this, but you also want to keep them safe from predators. With the daily move, our Egg Cart’n Chalet chicken tractor allows your chickens to have variety in eating without the threat of predators. Following the daily move reduces the probability of animals digging underneath and attacking your birds. You can raise the ramp at night to cut down the possibility of predators.

Your Convenience

To care well for your chickens, you need housing for them that is also convenient for you. Everything about the Chalet Egg Cart’n is easy. Assembly is made simple with our detailed instructions and included hardware. It is easy to move with our EZ-lift wheel system. A sliding door opening into the nest makes egg retrieval easy, and the perforated floor on the second floor makes cleaning simple.

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towing kit

Quality Design

You deserve to know that your chickens will be safe and healthy in lasting housing. The Egg Cart’n Chalet is sturdy with durable equipment. In addition to receiving a sturdy chicken tractor, you receive a feeder, watering bucket, and hanging brackets in the kit. Besides the main structure, the Chalet includes a double nest box, roosts on top, and corrugated plastic skirting to keep chickens warm during cold weather.

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Features of Your Chalet

Having backyard chickens does not have to ruin the aesthetics of your backyard. In fact, this designer chicken tractor will add a touch of beauty to your property. It is practical and designed to do its job well, but it doesn’t stop there. This gingerbread style chicken tractor is designed to be pleasing to the eye and give your chickens a beautiful place to live.

the chalet portable kit

EZ-lift System

The EZ-lift system sets the Egg Cart’n apart from other chicken tractors of similar size. All wheels are raised and locked into place by pushing down on the tongue.

Ramp and Flooring

The ramp can be raised for protection from night predators, lowered for grazing access, and removed for cleaning. There is 1″ perforated flooring made of polypropylene with 3/4″ openings which aid in easy cleaning.

Nest Boxes

The double nest box is sufficient for the needs of the chickens. Generally, chickens only use two nest boxes in any given situation. The openings are round so they will not spend unnecessary time in there

Collecting Eggs

Collecting Eggs is easy with a sliding door leading right into the nest boxes. You shouldn’t have to worry about your chickens slowing down the egg retrieval process.


We have saved space in the chalet by placing the roost in the roof. the slanted roof leaves plenty of room above the roost for your chickens to rest comfortably.

Feed & Water

For your ease of use we have included the feeder, watering bucket, and hanging brackets in the kit so you can begin your journey in chicken farming as soon as possible.

Sliding Gate*

The sliding gate on the Chalet allows the chickens to have free range during the day. You can leave it open during the day and close it at night to keep your chickens safe.

Weather Skirting

The skirting used to protect your chickens from harsh weather is made from quality corrugated plastic. We want your chickens to be safe.

Flower Box

Choose your personal favorite flowers and add them to the Chalet to add the finishing touch to your stylish chicken tractor.

* Please Note: The sliding gate is now positioned on the end instead of the side of the Chalet. This placement was preferred by our customers and allows for attaching an optional chicken run behind the unit. Updated product photography is pending.

Get Your Chic Housing

1. Set Up
Assemble tractor, add hens, and feed and water.

Give your chickens the stylish home they deserve. Effortlessly set up a beautiful home for your chicken using our kit containing all the supplies you need to begin caring for your small flock.

2. Team Up
Move daily (whenever you feed and gather).

The Chalet is beautifully designed and will add a great look to your backyard. However, your backyard will not receive the Chalet’s full benefits unless you follow the daily move.

3. Live UP
Experience joy from clean and healthy food, birds, and lawn.

It doesn’t take much to experience satisfaction with the Chalet. You can experience a beautiful lawn, happy chickens, and a healthier you simply by following these clear-cut steps.

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What customers are saying…

  • This chicken tractors will last, they are easily pressure washed for keeping clean. These are made with quality materials, mechanical lift system. They are protected from predators . We added homemade runs so they can safely go outside.  The panels

    Susan G.

What’s in the box?

How hard is it to get started?

By now, you may be loving the idea of owning your personal egg cart’n but wondering how hard it will be to put it together. Each Egg Cart’n is shipped as a kit. Assembly is required but not difficult. Armed with a few basic tools, a friend, and our assembly instructions, you’ll be admiring your ready-to-use chicken designer coop in no time (aka.. 1-3 hours). ?

Ready to see it for yourself? Check out our easy-to-follow assembly guide and how-to video! This video is not a time-lapse and illustrates how truly straightforward assembly of your EggCart’n can be!

Which One Fits You?

All of our products are made with quality materials and designed for your success, but you need to figure out which of our products are for you. This comparison chart gives you some of the basic differences between our different models. Find the model that best fits you.

the classic chicken tractor

The Classic

Practical and Durable

8–10 Chickens

2 Nesting Boxes

375–400 lbs

4 ft × 6 ft (45 sq. ft)


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the chalet chicken tractor

The Chalet

Stylish Design

8–10 Chickens

2 Nesting Boxes

460 lbs

4 ft × 6 ft (45 sq. ft)


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the mini chicken tractor

The Mini

Perfect Startup

4-5 Chickens

1 Nesting Box

250–275 lbs

3 ft × 4 ft (22 sq. ft)


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Wheel Lift Kit

Add wheels + convenience to your coop.


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Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Door

An automatic chicken door for your Chicken Tractor.

$149.95 – $229.95

Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

Have You Considered Using Other Materials Besides Wood for the Floor Joists?

Yes, but we feel that the cost of parts and labor for other materials (steel or plastic) does not justify the added cost. Wood is solid and durable, and wood floor joists should hold up well for many years.

Where Do You Put a Feeder and Watering Bucket?

The Egg Cart’n is ingeniously designed to make watering and feeding convenient and stress-free. The Egg Cart’n includes two brackets on the ceiling —one for hanging the included feeder and the other for hanging the included watering bucket.

What Kind of Bedding Do You Recommend for the Nest Boxes?

Straw or grass clippings work well. Floor dry, a product that mechanics use to clean up oil spills, also works well. It is a natural product made of dried clay and can be found at any auto parts store. It helps dry up moisture, and its texture deters chickens from playing in it as much as they would in straw.

Is the Egg Cart’n Suitable in Any Climate?

The Egg Cart’n is designed to be suitable in virtually any climate. Chickens can survive heat if they have enough water and ventilation. However, if you live in a cold climate, you will need to be more proactive. With all the panels installed, chickens should be fine in below-freezing temperatures. It can help to move the Egg Cart’n behind a windbreak if it is frigid and windy. In freezing northern climates, the pen may need to be moved into a shed or garage during the coldest part of the winter.

Are Two Nests Enough for 8-10 Chickens?

Yes. In general, chickens will never use more than two holes in any situation. Chickens like to lay their eggs where other chickens have laid their eggs. It is common for hens to lay most of their eggs in one nest even when they have the option of using two nests. Sometimes the chickens lay all their eggs in one nest and leave the other untouched.

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Take back your connection to nature and your food source with an Egg Cart’n!

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