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Have You Considered Using Other Materials Besides Wood for the Floor Joists?

Yes, but we feel that the cost of parts and labor for other materials (steel or plastic) does not justify the added cost. Wood is solid and durable, and wood floor joists should hold up well for many years.

Where Do You Put a Feeder and Watering Bucket?

The Egg Cart’n is ingeniously designed to make watering and feeding convenient and stress-free. The Egg Cart’n includes two brackets on the ceiling —one for hanging the included feeder and the other for hanging the included watering bucket.

What Kind of Bedding Do You Recommend for the Nest Boxes?

Straw or grass clippings work well. Floor dry, a product that mechanics use to clean up oil spills, also works well. It is a natural product made of dried clay and can be found at any auto parts store. It helps dry up moisture, and its texture deters chickens from playing in it as much as they would in straw.

Is the Egg Cart’n Suitable in Any Climate?

The Egg Cart’n is designed to be suitable in virtually any climate. Chickens can survive heat if they have enough water and ventilation. However, if you live in a cold climate, you will need to be more proactive. With all the panels installed, chickens should be fine in below-freezing temperatures. It can help to move the Egg Cart’n behind a windbreak if it is frigid and windy. In freezing northern climates, the pen may need to be moved into a shed or garage during the coldest part of the winter.

Are Two Nests Enough for 8-10 Chickens?

Yes. In general, chickens will never use more than two holes in any situation. Chickens like to lay their eggs where other chickens have laid their eggs. It is common for hens to lay most of their eggs in one nest even when they have the option of using two nests. Sometimes the chickens lay all their eggs in one nest and leave the other untouched.

How often do you recommend cleaning the coop?

The Egg Cart’n includes a perforated floor that cuts down the number of times cleaning is needed. However, every month or two, you may need to scrape out residual droppings that have built up over time. It is also essential to clean and disinfect the tractor between flocks. You can easily do this with a hose and brush.

Does the Egg Cart’n work for any animals besides chickens?

Yes. People have used the Egg Cart’n for rabbits and puppies, and it would probably work for other small animals.

Is there danger of the wind tipping the Egg Cart’n over?

High winds could tip the Egg Cart’n over, but typical winds are not a problem. We live on the plains of Kansas, where there is plenty of wind, and we have had no issues with the wind causing damage to our Egg Cart’n.

What is the white material used for the panels, skirting, and doors?

We’ve specially-selected 10-millimeter corrugated plastic for a sturdy and lightweight material, including a UV inhibitor to retard breakdown in sunlight.

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