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The Mini


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This small mobile chicken tractor is perfect for people starting small or living in tight spaces. Its lightweight makes it super easy to maneuver, and as always, it features with the Egg Cart’n Stress-Free Design!




Nest Boxes





The Space-Saving Chicken Tractor

If backyard chicken farming feels out of reach for you because your yard is too small, or if you just want to start small in chicken farming, you have come to the right place. It is discouraging when a lack of time, space, or energy shuts down your dreams and aspirations. Your goals and hopes should not have to collide with your tight areas and busy schedule. There is another option. Continue reading to find out more.

Utilize small space to create enormous change.

Don’t let small spaces hinder you from becoming the natural backyard permaculture farmer you long to be. With our Mini Egg Cart’n chicken tractor, you can become a healthier and more self-sufficient individual or family, even if you’re feeling space-limited.

Healthy Chickens. Healthy You.

You and your chickens will enjoy optimal health with The Mini Egg Cart’n chicken tractor. Nutrient-filled eggs, a natural diet for chickens, and vibrant lawns are just the beginning. You can have all of these things and more, even when limited by a small backyard.

Small Space? Small problem!

The name gives it away. If you want to farm in small areas, you need the purposefully designed Egg Cart’n Mini. To fully utilize the benefits of the Mini, you need enough room to move the tractor around, but it doesn’t require as much as you think.

An Awesome Hobby that Fits Your Schedule

Raising your own chickens sounds super time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Our Mini Egg Cart’n only requires the daily move, feeding and watering your chickens, and an occasional clean. You can easily incorporate these things into your busy schedule.

Success Is Waiting for You in Your Own Backyard!

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This Small Coop Works. And it Works Well.

You want your supplies to work when you invest in something as significant as backyard chicken farming. That is why Egg Cart’n determines to engineer their products to fulfill your needs and expectations. We design our products to be collaborative, safe, and convenient.

girl in a luscious garden with vegetables and a healthy chicken

It’s Collaborative

Let’s just say you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to utilize a system that allows your chickens and lawn to work together to create beautiful things. The daily move of your Mini Egg Cart’n gives the chickens access to fresh nourishment from the ground. They fertilize the soil and give you fresh eggs full of excellent nutrients in exchange. You, your chickens, and your lawn will benefit from this fantastic setup.

It’s Safe

You want your birds to be safe, and we do too. We have created the Mini Egg Cart’n to be predator-resistant and robust in nasty weather. The daily move and raising the ramp at night cut down the probability of predators gaining access to your birds. The Kit also includes corrugated plastic skirting to protect chickens during cold weather. We want your birds to stay safe with our Mini Egg Cart’n that lasts for a lifetime.

chickens in a small, luscious backyard
inside of a mini mobile chicken tractor

It’s Convenient

The intentional design of our Mini Egg Cart’n makes operating and maneuvering it extremely easy. You can assemble it quickly with our detailed instructions and included hardware. Removing the ramp makes cleaning easy, and the perforated floor allows the tractor only to need cleaning every month or two. The handles make moving it like a wheelbarrow easy. Retrieving the eggs is made easy with a door leading into the nest. There is also a sliding door on the side to allow your chickens to have free range. All of which can easily be done in your small yard.

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Features of This Small Chicken Tractor

Your small backyard can soon be transformed to a tidy chicken farm with our mini movable chicken tractor. Backyard farming could not be simpler. This mini chicken tractor is designed for your sucess!

inexpensive home chicken coop for laying hens

EZ-lift System

With its own unique hinged design, the Egg Cart’n Mini raises onto two wheels and moves effortlessly like a wheelbarrow.

small backyard chicken coop for homesteaders

Ramp and Flooring

You can raise the ramp for protection from night predators, lowered for grazing access, and removed for cleaning. The perforated floor allows for easy cleaning of this coop.

light home chicken coop for laying hens

Nest Box

The round opening on the nest box encourages the hens to spend just the necessary time nesting, but no more.

light yard chicken coop on wheels

Collection Door

Your delicious mouth-watering natural and healthy eggs are just a sliding door away!

roost for mini chicken tractor


The included roost makes your chickens feel comfortable and at home, even in a small enclosure.

feeder for mini chicken tractor


The feeder attaches conveniently to the side of the chicken tractor

small home hen house for laying hens

Sliding Gate

Ready to allow your hens out of their small bunker? Great, just raise the gate and let them run!

small personal hen house on wheels

Weather Skirting

When it gets cold outside, just snap-on the skirting to protect your precious flock.

Mega-success with the Mini-tractor

1. Set Up
Assemble tractor, add hens, and feed and water.

Starting even a small flock of chickens can be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be. The Mini Egg Cart’n kit makes beginning small backyard chicken farming possible and easy.

2. Team Up
Move daily (whenever you feed and gather).

The daily move is so important. It keeps your chickens healthy and clean and doesn’t take long. The Mini Egg Cart’n is lightweight and easy to move in your backyard.

3. Live UP
Experience joy from clean and healthy food, birds, and lawn.

Success is easy to attain. As you can see, following a few simple steps will give you the success you are looking for with your small backyard flock.

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our feedback

What customers are saying…

  • Sue R

    Hi!  Just wanted to let you know, my daughter, our chicks and I LOVE our tractor…You clearly thought of everything necessary to raise chickens when you designed the Egg Cart’n.  I’m completely satisfied with our purchase and highly recommend it

  • Tammy F.

    This purchase allowed me to have peace of mind that my new chicks were safe in the mobile coop from my existing older flock because they were separated all summer. I bought from Egg Cart’n because it looked like a quality-built coop that was easy

  • Daria A.

    I have a small place 1.8 acres. I like to be able to rehome the chickens with the season and it is easier to keep them clean with close neighbors when you can move the house. The first one works great, so I bought the second one.  It is sturdy

  • Dawn K.

    Using the Eggcartn chicken tractor was SO easy!!!! Easy to move, easy to hose out and safe for chickens!

  • Susan G.

    This chicken tractors will last, they are easily pressure washed for keeping clean. These are made with quality materials, mechanical lift system. They are protected from predators . We added homemade runs so they can safely go outside.  The panels

  • Todd L.

    We love being able to move the coop around, it cuts down on any smells, fertilizes our lawn, and the chickens get fresh grass every day or two. Even with a coop that drastically exceeds the EggCart’n wheel kits max weigh limit, I can still usually

  • John H

    I’m very pleased with my purchase.  It is well designed and was easy to set up.  I made my chicken tractor out of a 10×10 Chainlink dog pen and the eggcart’n works great with it!  It is very heavy duty and will travel over some fairly uneven

  • Jeff G.

    So, I built an A-frame chicken coupe for my wife. I found the plans online and in my typical fashion I overbuilt it. The plan was to be able to move it around the yard. It was way to heavy to move with just a dolly. I came across your product while

Assembling the Mini Egg Cart’n

Ready to make the Egg Cart’n Mini come to life for yourself? Our Mini kit comes with all the material you need to assemble it. The only other things you will need are a few essential tools and a friend. You will make your small portable chicken tractor a reality in about an hour or two with these two things.

See how to get started. Explore our straightforward assembly instructions and the video of how assembly works. The video is unique because it is not a time-lapse. The video is in real-time, giving a realistic picture of what the setup may involve.

Which One Fits You?

Perhaps The Mini is actually too small for your backyard egg farming ambitions… take a look at our other models to make sure you get the right fit for your scenario!

the classic chicken tractor

The Classic

Practical and Durable

8–10 Chickens

2 Nesting Boxes

375–400 lbs

4 ft × 6 ft (45 sq. ft)


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the chalet chicken tractor

The Chalet

Stylish Design

8–10 Chickens

2 Nesting Boxes

460 lbs

4 ft × 6 ft (45 sq. ft)


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the mini chicken tractor

The Mini

Perfect Startup

4-5 Chickens

1 Nesting Box

250–275 lbs

3 ft × 4 ft (22 sq. ft)


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Wheel Lift Kit

Add wheels + convenience to your coop.


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Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Door

An automatic chicken door for your Chicken Tractor.

$149.95 – $229.95

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate shipping prices?

Customers pay the actual price of shipping which is calculated at checkout.

How often do you recommend cleaning the coop?

The Egg Cart’n includes a perforated floor that cuts down the number of times cleaning is needed. However, every month or two, you may need to scrape out residual droppings that have built up over time. It is also essential to clean and disinfect the tractor between flocks. You can easily do this with a hose and brush.

Does the Egg Cart’n work for any animals besides chickens?

Yes. People have used the Egg Cart’n for rabbits and puppies, and it would probably work for other small animals.

Is there danger of the wind tipping the Egg Cart’n over?

High winds could tip the Egg Cart’n over, but typical winds are not a problem. We live on the plains of Kansas, where there is plenty of wind, and we have had no issues with the wind causing damage to our Egg Cart’n.

What is the white material used for the panels, skirting, and doors?

We’ve specially-selected 10-millimeter corrugated plastic for a sturdy and lightweight material, including a UV inhibitor to retard breakdown in sunlight.

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You may have believed the lie that you cannot experience backyard farming in a small space. The truth is You can do it. You can become a backyard chicken farmer who cares about permaculture and becoming healthier.  With the Egg Cart’n Mini, you can experience the benefits of having chickens in your backyard with less stress and mess than you imagined possible.

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