Sophisticated Backyard Chicken Tractors

You never knew keeping chickens could be this easy, clean, and rewarding!

What comes to your mind when you think of raising chickens? Perhaps it’s the satisfaction of eating your own eggs, or tending a “flock” … oh, but how about the smelly coop? The messy yard? The fussy neighbors? Arg!!!

Well, we have good news for you! Enter the EggCart’n Chicken Tractors. This breakthrough in backyard farming gives you all the perks but without the quirks of maintaining a chicken coop and raising your own chickens.

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The Genius Chicken Tractor Cycle

The chicken tractor isn’t just a coop that just happens to be on wheels because someone happened to make it portable, it’s a whole new way of raising chickens and eggs in your backyard. Operating a chicken tractor joins you in a permaculture revolution that makes life better for you, your chickens, and your environment.

A Daily Move for Chicken Tractors

 1. Move Daily ➡️

The real genius of a chicken tractor is how it’s built to move daily. This unleashes an amazing new twist in the relationship between your lawn and your brood.

2. Fresh Foraging ⤵️

With every move of the chicken tractor, the hens in your coop have fresh ground to forage (every day!). This means more bugs, happier hens, and better eggs for you!

3. Easy Fertilization ⬆️

By moving your chicken tractor routinely, droppings are evenly distributed, providing excellent fertilizer while minimizing the cleaning and maintenance of the coop.

In a word… wheels move your coop from easy to ingenious.

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The EggCart’n Chicken Tractor.
A backyard egg farm that fits you and your property!

Keeping your own chickens can be soo rewarding, but no-less messy and troublesome. Do you long for a way to keep chickens that fits your time, space, and available mental bandwidth? Well, good news! This is the whole point of the movable EggCart’n Chicken Tractor. Simply incorporate the EggCart’n daily move for backyard chicken farming that’s stress-and-mess-free and fits busy schedules and even tight spaces.

the classic

A Chicken Enclosure without the Maintenance

A chicken enclosure is a no-brainer. Not only do enclosures keep your chickens safe from predators and harsh weather, but it also gives them a convenient place to lay their eggs for you to retrieve. Many turn immediately to a backyard coop, but soon find that this requires a lot of work to keep clean and livable for the chickens. Most of us do not have the time or energy to fit another huge endeavor into our lives. This is where the EggCart’n chicken tractor comes in. The only maintenance required is the daily move (and an occasional rinse with a hose).

“Free-range” Eggs without the fuss!

By routinely moving your Egg Cart’n, you provide fresh bugs and clean space for your hens. This gives you all the perks of health-packed free-range chickens and eggs, without the hassle of fencing or the danger of loss to predators.

Be a Good Egg with your Neighbors

Keeping a backyard flock of chickens isn’t known as the most “aesthetic” hobby. Enclosed chickens tend to smell bad, attract flies, and kill grass. Sounds like a great recipe for great neighborly relations, right? Or not… Wave goodbye to sideways glances with the EggCart’n daily move. Moving your chicken tractor daily means low smell, fresh grass, and keeps pests under control. You and neighbors alike will admire how clean and good-looking your hobby egg farm can be!

Success is waiting…

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 What you get with an EggCart’n Chicken Tractor

We care that you do not have to do more work than necessary. Because of this, we have designed our simple Egg Cart’n chicken tractors to be functional, convenient, and durable.

It Works

Our mobile chicken tractor not only works, but it works well. Being able to move your chicken enclosure facilitates symbiosis which creates a better lawn, happier chickens, and a healthier you. Our rolling EggCart’n chicken tractor makes this possible and easy.

It’s Easy

Everything about the EggCart’n Chicken Tractor is easy! It is easy to assemble using the kit that we send to you. It is easy to move, which fosters the growth possible through symbiosis. It is also easy to retrieve the eggs for consumption.

the classic
the classic

It Lasts

Wanna save money on your chicken tractor? Not to throw eggs at the competition… but many chicken tractors are simply not built to last. Egg Cart’n chicken tractors are meticulously designed with quality materials that remain sturdy in harsh weather and preserve their strength for years. You can put it in your will. Make your egg nest part of your nest egg!

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Features of Our Stress-free Chicken Tractors

When you own your own Egg Cart’n Chicken Portable Chicken Coop/Tractor, you’ll know you’ve invested in a work of art and mechanical genius. Every feature is carefully planned and implemented by engineers who clearly love to take care of chickens!

EZ-lift System

These Tractor Coops don’t just happen to be portable, they’re made to move! The Egg Cart’n proprietary EZ-lift system makes raising and rolling your coop easy as pie and smooth as butter!

Ramp and Flooring

Cleaning your chicken tractor is a cinch due to the sturdy washable perforated floor. The ramp allows your brood to forage during the day, and can be raised at night for their protection.

Nest Boxes

Say goodbye to cracked and overly-dirty eggs with nest boxes that encourage your hens to spend just the amount of time necessary to lay and leave.

Collecting Eggs

The nest-access sliding door allows for convenient retrieval of your eggs.


Your chickens will thank you for a bit of elevation, and we’ve got you covered!

Feed & Water

Every tractor comes with a robust and convenient food and water dispenser.

Sliding Gate

Like the idea of truly free-range eggs? The built-in sliding gate allows you to let your flock out whenever you please.

Weather Skirting

The included snap-on weather skirting protects your flock from cold-weather snow, winds, and rains.

our feedback

What customers are saying…

  • Hi!  Just wanted to let you know, my daughter, our chicks and I LOVE our tractor…You clearly thought of everything necessary to raise chickens when you designed the Egg Cart’n.  I’m completely satisfied with our purchase and highly recommend it

    Sue R

  • This purchase allowed me to have peace of mind that my new chicks were safe in the mobile coop from my existing older flock because they were separated all summer. I bought from Egg Cart’n because it looked like a quality-built coop that was easy

    Tammy F.

  • I have a small place 1.8 acres. I like to be able to rehome the chickens with the season and it is easier to keep them clean with close neighbors when you can move the house. The first one works great, so I bought the second one.  It is sturdy

    Daria A.

  • Using the Eggcartn chicken tractor was SO easy!!!! Easy to move, easy to hose out and safe for chickens!

    Dawn K.

  • This chicken tractors will last, they are easily pressure washed for keeping clean. These are made with quality materials, mechanical lift system. They are protected from predators . We added homemade runs so they can safely go outside.  The panels

    Susan G.

  • We love being able to move the coop around, it cuts down on any smells, fertilizes our lawn, and the chickens get fresh grass every day or two. Even with a coop that drastically exceeds the EggCart’n wheel kits max weigh limit, I can still usually

    Todd L.

  • Your product has been a tremendous help to me.  I would not have been able to move my chicken tractors without it.  I actually bought a different system for a second chicken tractor, and it did not hold up as good as your product did.  I would

    Kevin B.

  • I’m very pleased with my purchase.  It is well designed and was easy to set up.  I made my chicken tractor out of a 10×10 Chainlink dog pen and the eggcart’n works great with it!  It is very heavy duty and will travel over some fairly uneven

    John H

  • So, I built an A-frame chicken coupe for my wife. I found the plans online and in my typical fashion I overbuilt it. The plan was to be able to move it around the yard. It was way to heavy to move with just a dolly. I came across your product while

    Jeff G.

  • I have an unconventional setup that houses my chickens in a mobile coop which is outfitted with your egg cartn system.  When the weather turns cool in the Fall I “dock” the mobile coop with a stationary structure so it  effectively doubles the

    John C.

 Become a Backyard Chicken Buff!

1. Set Up
Assemble tractor, add hens, and feed and water.

Starting out on a new journey can be intimidating, but the process is simpler than you think. Our tractor kits are easy to assemble and make beginning backyard chicken farming simple.

2. Team Up
Move daily (whenever you feed and gather).

Move it, that’s why it’s called a chicken tractor. The daily move is crucial to keeping healthy chickens and a happy lawn. Our Chicken tractor makes this process very easy and speedy.

3. Live UP
Experience joy from clean and healthy food, birds, and lawn.

Taking these small steps and incorporating daily habits of caring for your chickens will bring you great success. You will experience a healthier you, happier chickens, and a vibrant lawn. Now go for it!

Get Started with Yours!

Which One Fits You?

Don’t be a chicken about your backyard farming adventure! Choose the chicken tractor model that fits your yard and order the kit to get started!

The Classic

Practical and Beautiful

8–10 Chickens

2 Nesting Boxes

375–400 lbs

4′×6′ (45 sq. ft)


Read More

The Chalet

Stylish Design

8–10 Chickens

2 Nesting Boxes

460 lbs

4′×6′ (45 sq. ft)


Read More

The Mini

Perfect Startup

4-5 Chickens

1 Nesting Box

250–275 lbs

3′×4′ (22 sq. ft)


Read More

Wheel Lift Kit

Make almost any coop a chicken tractor. Moves up to 50 Chickens in a coop up to 10′×12′ & 400 Ibs


Get your Stress-free Chicken Tractor!

You know that stress-free chicken-raising sounds amazing, but you won’t know how awesome it really is until you get your hands busy with a chicken tractor of your own. Use the comparison table above to find the model that fits your chicken dreams!

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