The Classic: A Portable Chicken Tractor

How We Designed the Egg Cart’n
Indestructible | Easy to Move | Convenient

When founder David Yoder was coming up with the design for the Egg Cart’n chicken tractor, he wanted to create a design that would make it incredibly easy and fun for the average person to keep a small flock of chickens in their backyard. First of all, It had to be strong and easy to move. In addition, it had to be really comfortable for chickens, highly predator resistant, and super easy for owners to keep clean.

the classic chicken tractor

Incredibly Strong

Our welded steel and aluminum frame and 26 gauge metal roof are built to keep your chickens protected in any kind of weather and safe from predators.

Easy to Move

Our proprietary EZ Lift System makes moving this chicken tractor a breeze. While most chicken tractors require you hold up the front of the chicken tractor while you move it, our system is fully supported on four wheels.

The Easy Way To Care For Your Chickens

We packed this chicken tractor with everything you need to make caring for your chickens a breeze.

We built this chicken tractor to last for decades

In a time when most things are made as cheaply as possible, we went the opposite direction. We built the most durable chicken tractor on the market.
We wanted to make sure this chicken tractor would be the only chicken tractor you’d ever need to buy.

Our chicken tractors are carefully hand-built in the USA and come with a 10-year Warranty.

We Thought of Everything

Raising chickens is fun when everything is easy. This chicken tractor makes it incredibly easy to keep your chickens clean and comfortable.

EZ-lift System

These Tractor Coops don’t just happen to be portable, they’re made to move! The Egg Cart’n proprietary EZ-lift system makes raising and rolling your coop easy as pie and smooth as butter!

Ramp and Flooring

Cleaning your chicken tractor is a cinch due to the sturdy washable perforated floor. The ramp allows your brood to forage during the day, and can be raised at night for their protection.

Nest Boxes

Say goodbye to cracked and overly-dirty eggs with nest boxes that encourage your hens to spend just the amount of time necessary to lay and leave.

Collecting Eggs

The nest-access sliding door allows for convenient retrieval of your eggs.


Your chickens will thank you for a bit of elevation, and we’ve got you covered!

Feed & Water

Every tractor comes with a robust and convenient food and water dispenser.

Sliding Gate

Like the idea of truly free-range eggs? The built-in sliding gate allows you to let your flock out whenever you please.

Weather Skirting

The included snap-on weather skirting protects your flock from cold-weather snow, winds, and rains.

our feedback

What customers are saying…

  • Hi!  Just wanted to let you know, my daughter, our chicks and I LOVE our tractor…You clearly thought of everything necessary to raise chickens when you designed the Egg Cart’n.  I’m completely satisfied with our purchase and highly recommend it

    Sue R

  • This purchase allowed me to have peace of mind that my new chicks were safe in the mobile coop from my existing older flock because they were separated all summer. I bought from Egg Cart’n because it looked like a quality-built coop that was easy

    Tammy F.

  • I have a small place 1.8 acres. I like to be able to rehome the chickens with the season and it is easier to keep them clean with close neighbors when you can move the house. The first one works great, so I bought the second one.  It is sturdy

    Daria A.

  • Using the Eggcartn chicken tractor was SO easy!!!! Easy to move, easy to hose out and safe for chickens!

    Dawn K.

Which One Fits You?

Choose the chicken tractor model that fits your backyard and order the kit to get started!

the classic chicken tractor

The Classic

Practical and Durable

8–10 Chickens

2 Nesting Boxes

375–400 lbs

4 ft × 6 ft (45 sq. ft)


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the chalet chicken tractor

The Chalet

Stylish Design

8–10 Chickens

2 Nesting Boxes

460 lbs

4 ft × 6 ft (45 sq. ft)


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the mini chicken tractor

The Mini

Perfect Startup

4-5 Chickens

1 Nesting Box

250–275 lbs

3 ft × 4 ft (22 sq. ft)


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