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The chicken tractors (or portable chicken coops) built by Quail Manufacturing are among the longest-lasting chicken tractors in the United States.* Manufactured with aluminum and galvanized or powder-coated steel, these coops are built for longevity. Our coops are designed for people who want a high-quality, user-friendly, ingeniously-crafted chicken coop on wheels. They will provide year-round protection and many years of trouble-free service.

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The Egg Cartín and Egg Cartín Mini

Measuring 4' x 6', the two-story Egg Cart'n holds 8-10 hens (the video above shows the Egg Cartín with eight hens). It has 48 square feet of floor space minus the nest box. The Egg Cart'n Mini is 3í x 4í and holds 4-5 hens.

Here are the features at a glance:

Assembly is fast and easy! Watch this two-minute video to see how easy it is.

Egg Cart'n...........$1,329** (includes feeder, watering bucket, and hanging brackets)
Egg Cart'n Mini........$849**

Is the Egg Cartín out of your price range? Check out the Yolks Wagon, an economy model of the Egg Cartín, or the Patio Perch, a porch-sized chicken coop.

*According to our research, only one other chicken tractor in the United States is manufactured with aluminum frames. Our aluminum frames will not warp or rust. Under normal use, they require no maintenance, and they will significantly outlast wood.

**Kansas sales tax applies to Kansas residents.
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