the chalet

The Egg Cart’n Chalet

  • the chalet chicken tractor
  • towing kit
  • roost
  • the chalet chicken tractor
  • towing kit
  • roost

The Chalet


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With its additional space and elegant design, this coop is truly one of a kind! Give yourself and your chickens the best experience with the Egg Cart’n Chalet.




Nest Boxes





Features of Your Chalet

The additional vertical space and style features of the Chalet take your Egg Cart’n experience to the next level.

the chalet wheels

EZ-lift System

The EZ-lift system sets the Egg Cart’n apart from other chicken tractors of similar size. All wheels are raised and locked into place by pushing down on the tongue. All tires are foam-filled no-flat.

Ramp and Flooring

The ramp can be raised for protection from night predators, lowered for grazing access, and removed for cleaning. There is 1″ perforated flooring made of polypropylene with 3/4″ openings which aid in easy cleaning.

Nest Boxes

The double nest box is sufficient for the needs of the chickens. Generally, chickens only use two nest boxes in any given situation. The openings are round so they will not spend unnecessary time in there

light yard chicken coop on wheels

Egg Collection Door

Collecting Eggs is easy with a sliding door leading right into the nest boxes. You shouldn’t have to worry about your chickens slowing down the egg retrieval process.


We have saved space in the Chalet by placing the roost in the roof. the slanted roof leaves plenty of room above the roost for your chickens to rest comfortably.

Feed & Water

For your ease of use we have included the feeder, watering bucket, and hanging brackets in the kit so you can begin your journey in chicken farming as soon as possible.

Sliding Gate

The sliding gate on the Chalet allows the chickens to have free range during the day. You can leave it open during the day and close it at night to keep your chickens safe.

Weather Skirting

The skirting used to protect your chickens from harsh weather is made from quality corrugated plastic. We want your chickens to be safe.

Flower Box

Choose your personal favorite flowers and add them to the Chalet to add the finishing touch to your stylish chicken tractor.

our feedback

What customers are saying…

  • This chicken tractors will last, they are easily pressure washed for keeping clean. These are made with quality materials, mechanical lift system. They are protected from predators . We added homemade runs so they can safely go outside.  The panels

    Susan G.

What’s in the box?

How hard is it to get started?

Each Egg Cart’n is shipped as a kit with some simple assembly required. Armed with a few basic tools, a friend, and our assembly instructions, you’ll be admiring your ready-to-use chicken designer coop in no time (1-3 hours).

Check out our easy-to-follow assembly guide and how-to video! This video is not a time-lapse and illustrates how truly straightforward assembly of your EggCart’n can be!

Which One Fits You?

All of our products are made with quality materials and designed for your success. Use this basic comparison chart to decide which model best fits your needs.

the classic chicken tractor

The Classic

Practical and Durable

8–10 Chickens

2 Nesting Boxes

375–400 lbs

4 ft × 6 ft (45 sq. ft)


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the chalet chicken tractor

The Chalet

Stylish Design

8–10 Chickens

2 Nesting Boxes

460 lbs

4 ft × 6 ft (45 sq. ft)


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the mini chicken tractor

The Mini

Perfect Startup

4-5 Chickens

1 Nesting Box

250–275 lbs

3 ft × 4 ft (22 sq. ft)


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3 responses to “The Chalet”

  1. Dan Mol

    I have now purchases 4 of the Chalet coops for me and my adult children. The Chalet is the perfect coop for urban chickens. Easy to put together, sturdy construction, easy to move across the lawn. One of my sons bought a second coop from a local farm supply store and it fell apart within a month, made in China. He then asked me for another Chalet! Good product, Good people..

  2. Brad Fiedler

    We purchased our Chalet this year after doing a ton of research. We are first time chicken owners and really wanted something that fit our family homestead lifestyle. We were looking for something durable with the different seasons we have where we live, ease of cleanliness, and mobility. We were very impressed with how the kit came packed on the pallet and the ease of ordering. Our chickens love their coop and so do we! We can’t believe how easy it is to clean out with just our hose every so often. Everything is built very well and engineered to last for the long haul. Moving the Chalet is extremely easy and the hardware is made well coated for protection. Our Chalet is kid friendly – our kids love helping with everything and adjusting side panels you want on or off for different seasons or different times of the day is a breeze to adjust. Truly mean this when I say how I very rarely leave reviews, but this company deserves our two thumbs up and our appreciation how great this product is and how great their customer service has been from day one when we ordered the Chalet to present day when ordering accessories. I tell everyone about our Chalet every chance we get!

  3. Amanda L

    Love this coop and this company! We got the chalet and my 8 chickens and I are very happy. We had the benefit of having a neighbor with a chalet they have owned and loved for 10 years, so it came highly recommended and I was able to test it out before purchasing and see that it will be an investment that will last. I initially hesitated cause of price to be honest, but after wasting my time and effort on another brand of coop I knew I wouldn’t be happy with anything else. No regrets! The shipping was quick, directions pretty clear, and installation was easy enough. Super high quality materials. Getting the tractor moving is quick and easy to manage solo. It really is a great family coop as it is very accessible for my kids – but everything can be locked down to prevent toddlers or predators from getting to the chickens. My kids wish they could fit underneath to hang with the birds, but it’s probably a good thing they can’t. The locks in the doors being a bit finicky to get the keys in is probably my biggest complaint, and it’s a minor one. They really have thought this coop out. Customer service was also top notch! I love how the coop looks, I love how it hoses down to clean easily, and I’m super excited to see what else the company comes out with in the future (hoping for an attached run!).

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