I have a small place 1.8 acres. I like to be able to rehome the chickens with the season and it is easier to keep them clean with close neighbors when you can move the house.

The first one works great, so I bought the second one.  It is sturdy and holds up to the chickens and moving.  It moves pretty easily except I need a little help going uphill at age 68. I am recommending it to my sister who just retired and wants to consider chickens now too.

Daria A.

Using the Eggcartn chicken tractor was SO easy!!!! Easy to move, easy to hose out and safe for chickens! The panels store easily and install easy for winter.  8 is max in for the big chicken tractor in my experience. I did free range most of the day. 

You had many options to choose from. What made you decide to buy from Egg Cart’n? The best design. No rot materials. Quality workmanship and materials

If we had not moved to northern Michigan I would still be using them. We have too much snow here to be practical for winter time use. Have considered buying one for the rest of the year keep hoping someone will have a used on for sale but have not seen one. We had no trouble selling ours. We had two of them. The big egg cartn not the chalet style. 

The only story I can think of is not really a story but observation. Getting the second one allowed for integration of new chickens with out the pecking when I opened both tractors the girls all went in one. There would be many uses for having a second one: sick hens,raising baby chicks or introducing adult hens to flock.  They posture and challenge each other, throw the bottom of the tractor,when I saw the challenging cease I opened the door. 

Even now I miss the ease of using your chicken tractor!!!!!

Dawn K.

This chicken tractors will last, they are easily pressure washed for keeping clean. These are made with quality materials, mechanical lift system. They are protected from predators . We added homemade runs so they can safely go outside.  The panels keep the wind and cold in the winter. We wired ours with a light which keeps warmth in as well as power for water to keep warm.

The Chalet is our favorite design, the extra height in the roof works better for roosting, cleaning etc.

Susan G.

I have a bit of an unusual story in regards to my EggCart’n Wheel Kit.

First of all – I’m extremely happy with your product and have recommended it several times. I’m also including a couple pictures of our coop with the kit installed.

With that said, I knew when I purchased the product that the max weight limit was 400lbs. Our Chicken Coop weighs, if I had to guess north of 1000 lbs.

For the first year, it worked fine. I did not have high expectations given the weight of our coop. At the beginning of the second year, the rectangular tube steel bar that you step on began to deform causing the bottom of the wheels to kick out and not give the coop the necessary ground clearance to roll. As a result, I removed that rectangular tube, and cut and drilled a beefier one to replace it. It then made it to the fall before some of the other thinner rectangular tubing (Used as a spacer between the coop and the bar with the wheels), began to deform. To fix that, I welded a 3/8″ thick cap on the ends to prevent further deformation.

We love being able to move the coop around, it cuts down on any smells, fertilizes our lawn, and the chickens get fresh grass every day or two. Even with a coop that drastically exceeds the EggCart’n wheel kits max weigh limit, I can still usually pull it by hand. If on uneven ground or a hill, I just pull it with our tractor. 

I liked the design, being able to fabricate a little I figured I could fix any issues that arose due to the size of our coop.

Todd L.

Your product has been a tremendous help to me.  I would not have been able to move my chicken tractors without it.  I actually bought a different system for a second chicken tractor, and it did not hold up as good as your product did.  I would recommend your product to anyone.

Kevin B.

I’m very pleased with my purchase.  It is well designed and was easy to set up.  I made my chicken tractor out of a 10×10 Chainlink dog pen and the eggcart’n works great with it!  It is very heavy duty and will travel over some fairly uneven terrain.  You guys deserve top marks on the design.  Worth every penny!

John H

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