How long does shipping take?

Four to seven business days for most locations.

Why is the shipping price the same for the different-sized coops?

Prices are based on a flat rate shipping charge to each state, and that rate applies to any pallet regardless of size of weight. We make every effort to keep our shipping rates as low as possible.

How often should the coop be moved?

It depends on the number of chickens and the quality of the turf they are grazing. The more chickens there are per square foot, the more often the pen will need to be moved to prevent damage to the turf. With eight chickens under normal conditions, it would be good to move the Egg Cart’n once a day.

Is the Egg Cart’n predator proof?

Nearly. If the coop is moved regularly and the chickens are locked upstairs at night by raising the ladder, virtually all small predators should be out of luck. Snakes could be an issue in some locations, and bears could be an issue in others, but so far we have been well pleased with the predator protection the Egg Cart’n provides.

How often do you recommend cleaning the coop?

Chickens are hardy birds, and they don’t require a scrubbed pen to be happy or healthy. It is important, however, to clean and disinfect the unit between flocks. We have designed it in such a way that it can be easily cleaned with a hose and brush.

Where do you put a feeder and watering bucket?

We now install two brackets on the ceiling of the Egg Cart’n—one for a hanging feeder (included) and the other for a hanging watering bucket (included)..

Isn’t the Egg Cart’n too small to hold 8-10 chickens comfortably?

Opinions on this matter vary. The most important thing is that the chickens are happy and healthy. Since the Egg Cart’n has two levels, the chickens have well over 40 square feet in which to move around. Observing your hens is one of the best ways of knowing what is appropriate. We have seen ten or even twelve chickens thrive in an Egg Cart’n.

Are two nests enough for 8-10 chickens?

Yes. This point is often misunderstood. Chickens like to lay their eggs where other chickens have laid their eggs. It is extremely common for hens to lay most of their eggs in one nest even when they have the option of using two nests. We have seen this pattern over and over again. Sometimes the chickens lay all their eggs in one nest and leave the other untouched.

Does the Egg Cart’n work for any animals besides chickens?

Yes. It has been used for rabbits and puppies, and it would probably work for other small animals as well.

Is the Egg Cart’n too heavy to move easily?

No. The aluminum frames make the Egg Cart’n lighter than it looks. The wheels are big enough that they are able to roll over grass easily.

Is the Egg Cart’n suitable in any climate?

Virtually. If chickens have enough water and ventilation, they can survive heat. Extremely cold climates require more care on the part of the owner. With all the panels installed, chickens should be should be fine in below-freezing temperatures. If it is very windy and cold, it can help to move the Egg Cart’n behind a wind break. In extremely cold northern climates, the pen may need to be moved into a shed or garage during the coldest part of the winter.

Is there danger of the wind tipping the Egg Cart’n over?

Very high winds could tip the Egg Cart’n over, but normal winds are not a problem. We live on the plains of Kansas where there is plenty of wind much of the time, and we have had no problems with wind causing damage to our Egg Cart’n.

What kind of bedding do you recommend for the nest boxes?

Straw or grass clippings work well. Floor dry, a product that mechanics us to clean up oil spills, also works well. It is natural product made of dried clay, and it can be found at any auto parts store. It helps dry up moisture, and its texture deters chickens from playing in it as much as they would in straw.

Have you considered using other materials besides wood for the floor joists?

Yes, but we feel that the cost of parts and labor for other materials (steel or plastic) does not justify the added cost. Wood is strong and durable, and wood floor joists should hold up well for many years.

What is the white material that is used for the panels, skirting, and doors?

It is 10 millimeter corrugated plastic with a UV inhibitor to retard breakdown in sunlight.

What is optimal Wheel Lift Kit Coop Size?

For optimal portability, we recommend the lift kit for chicken tractors measuring up to 10′ x 12′ and weighing up to 400lbs.