Egg Cart'n Mini

The Egg Cart’n Mini is a 3’ x 4’ portable chicken tractor and holds 4-5 hens. It has approx. 22 square feet of floor space between the two levels.

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Features include:

  • Egg Cart’n Mini raises onto two wheels and moves easily like a wheelbarrow
  • Stairway can be raised for protection from night predators, lowered for grazing access, and removed for cleaning
  • Perforated floor for easy cleanup
  • Single nest box for chickens to lay their eggs
  • Door into the nest for collecting eggs
  • Sliding gate to let the chickens enjoy free range
  • Corrugated plastic skirting to protect chickens during cold weather

Assembly is fast and easy! Watch here to see how easy it is.

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Egg Cart’n Mini……..$958**

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Features Egg Cart’n Mini
Size 3′ x 4′
Capacity 4-5 chickens
Lift Unit All wheels are raised and locked
into place by pushing down on the tongue.
Doors One door made out of angle iron and corrugated plastic
Frames 1 1/2″ aluminum angle
Floor 1″ perforated
polypropylene with 3/4″ openings
Ceiling Corrugated plastic
End panels (upstairs) Removable
Skirting (downstairs) Standard
Stairway Perforated polypropylene
Roof White roofing steel
Nest Standard
EZ access door (to collect eggs) Standard
Sliding gate Standard
Roost Standard

WARNING: When moving any of our products with wheels on a sloping surface, steer the unit in a direction that is perpendicular to the slope keeping the movement of the unit as nearly level as possible so as not to lose control while moving the chicken tractor.