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Egg Cart'n Wheel / Lift Kit

Assembly is fast and easy! Watch here to see how easy it is.

The Wheel/Lift Kit is designed to help solve the movability problems many do-it-yourselfers encounter when designing and building a chicken tractor. It can easily be attached to almost any chicken tractor. It features a two pedal design to lift and lower the back corners of a unit independently and a front dolly to lift and steer while moving the chicken tractor. The two pedal feature is operated by stepping on the front pedal to raise and latch the unit in the up position. Stepping on the rear pedal releases the latch and allows the unit to be lowered to the ground to protect the chickens from predators.

For optimal portability, we recommend the lift kit for chicken tractors measuring up to 10’x12’ and weighing up to 400 lbs.

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Wheel Kit…..$347

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WARNING: When moving any of our products with wheels on a sloping surface, steer the unit in a direction that is perpendicular to the slope keeping the movement of the unit as nearly level as possible so as not to lose control while moving the chicken tractor.