The Patio Perch

The Patio Perch is a small chicken coop that is durable, compact and easy to clean. It fits easily on a small patio or deck or in a small backyard. It is designed for people who live in urban areas where space is limited and who want one or two chickens.

It measures 2’x4’ and holds 1 or 2 hens. It can also be used for pet rabbits.

Features include:

  • The frame is made galvanized steel angle
  • The floor is perforated plastic for easy cleanup
  • The slide-out dropping tray under the floor makes cleanup easy
  • The nesting box provides a place for hens to lay their eggs. The lid offers easy access (for  rabbits the nesting box can serve as a birthing box)
  • Comes with side panels for protection in cold weather


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Assembly is fast and easy! Watch here to see how easy it is.

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The Patio Perch……..$579** Now $350**

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Features The Patio Perch
Size 2′ x 4′
Capacity 1-2 chickens
Lift Unit None
Doors One door made out of angle iron and corrugated plastic
Frames 1 1/2″ aluminum angle
Floor 1″ perforated
polypropylene with 3/4″ openings
Ceiling Corrugated plastic
End panels (upstairs) Removable
Skirting (downstairs) None
Stairway None
Roof White roofing steel
Nest Standard
EZ access door (to collect eggs) Standard
Sliding gate None
Roost None